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Prince & Spring Items from – How to they Compare has been described as the Costco of online delivery. We recently reviewed their delivery services and found that the delivery service is an excellent choice.’s own label, Prince & Spring, has products ranging from batteries to hand soap. The prices are 20% – 30% lower than top brands, but how do the products compare?

I put them to the test, ordering five Prince & Spring items from The items were household staples and included plastic zip lock bags, toilet paper, and paper towels.

Given the bulky nature of the products the shipping box was large and heavy, but the products were well packaged and came in excellent condition.

Prince and Spring Ultra Soft Premium Bath Tissue (Toilet Paper)

The toilet paper was packages very similarly to other brand names. Additionally, the quality of the 2 ply paper was strong yet soft, again very similar to other high quality brand name toilet paper.

Verdict: Comparable to brand name toilet paper

Prince and Spring Paper Towels (2 Ply)

Out of all the products, the Prince and Spring paper towels are the best quality for the price. These are comparable, if not better than brand name paper towels. Given the high cost per paper towel roll, these are a fantastic deal!

Verdict: Comparable or better than brand name paper towels

Prince and Spring Sandwich Zip Lock Bags

Prince and Spring also sells standard sandwich bags. The bags were very flimsy and seemed thin. In fact, the zip lock tore when opening trying to put something in. The bags overall were pretty disappointing due to the thinness and low quality.

Verdict: Sub-par compared to brand name zip lock bags

Prince and Spring Facial Tissue

The tissues held up well and were as thick and sturdy as Kleenex. They were a little rough so if thats important then order the Kleenex brand, otherwise Prince and Spring should suffice.

Verdict: Not as soft but as sturdy as Kleenex.

Prince and Spring Party Cups

The cups are actually very good quality, they are thick and sturdy plastic, as good as Solo cups.

Verdict: As good as Solo or other leading cups.




Overall the Prince and Spring products tested were well worth the discounted price and most compare to higher prices brands. If you use the discount for $15 off $60 for new customers you can get an ever better deal!

Joe is a grocery delivery aficionado based out of Chicago Illinois.

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