Top Chicago Local Meat and Seafood Delivery

Chicago is no stranger to the meat business.  The city contains dozens of butchers, processing plants, and meat packers.  Thankfully many of these stores are open to the public and many of them deliver.

Many high end butchers also serve grassfed organic beef and poultry, or wild caught and sustainable fish.  These items are more expensive but are certainly worth it in terms of quality and health.

1. Seven Sons Family Farms

Sevensons (formerly Honored Prairie) is a co-op of local farms offering meat, seafood, and dairy products to the Chicago area.  The top products are pasture raised chicken, pasture pork, and grassfed beef.

Delivery is free over $149.  Delivery days depend on where you live in Chicago, but turnaround can be as short as a couple days.

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2. Mercato

Mercato is a delivery service that many local butchers delivery their products through.  You can easily browse their site and find some of the best local meat shops in Chicago close to you, but here are a couple standouts on the site:

Gepperth’s Meat Market – Gepperth’s is a Chicago classic specializing is beef and pork, although they do carry just about everything you would imagine.
Harrison’s Poultry – Harrison’s is located up in the northern suburb of Chicago and, as the name suggests, specializes in poultry.  They also do a huge turkey business around Thanksgiving so get your orders in soon!

3. Whole Foods (VIA Amazon)

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Whole Foods has great quality meats and seafood, with much of it sustainable and organic.  Whole Foods has delivery options through Amazon and you can get their meat and seafood delivered with the rest of your Whole Foods grocery order.
Joe is a grocery delivery aficionado based out of Chicago Illinois.

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